When painting my custom portraits, I work from photographs. If I am not able to personally take the photographs, I need photos of the subject, preferable taken in the early morning or late afternoon light. The expression, especially in the eyes, is very important for me to capture the essence of the animal. In addition to the photo reference, I will need additional candid photos to help me get to know your pet. When deciding on the image you select for the portrait, it is important to select one that speaks to the pet’s personality. When the painting is finished, I really feel a special connection with your pet. It is in the final details I do that brings out his/her personality…and I can put my brushes down.

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"Nylah" Watercolor on Board
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"Emily" Watercolor on Board
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"Cocoa" Watercolor on Board

Commission Pricing

Prices include one image. Sizes are approximate. Quotes for addtional sizes are available upson request.
Prices do not include taxes, framing or shipping.

Watercolor on Board

  • 9”x12”-$500

  • 11”x14”-$600

  • 12”x16”-$800

  • 16”x20”-$1300

  • 18”x24”-$1800


  • 11”x14”-$800

  • 12”x16”-$1000

  • 14”x18”-$1300

  • 16”x20”-$1300

  • 18”x24”-$2200


  • 8”x10”-$500

  • 10”x14”-$800

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